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Thread: Does 7018 really require special storage?

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    OK this looks like the thread for a dumb question or two
    Lets take the case of someone who doesn't use a lot of rod, therefore has to store even small quantities for a year. Lets say this guy is not welding life rated stuff, but is OCD about the quality of what he does weld.
    1. Should he consider 7014 or 7018 for high strength/high ductility use?
    2. How about this for storage, a hermetic sealed plastic container with a desiccant pack, a pair of valves to allow a purge with some readily available non-reactive gas like argon or nitrogen. Has anyone tried this or know of a reason this will not work for multiple months of storage for small quantity 7018?

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    7018 is supposed to be stored in a rod oven. I have heard of people using 7018 that have been out of the box for years, but IMO, it is no longer a Lo-Hy rod at that point. I have never run one, but have run many 1/8" 7014, and I really like that rod.
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    they dont have a good tensile strength and the slag can be a pain to chip off. but they have their place in welding such as thinner materials.
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