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Thread: LONGEVITY Welders Sold Through Regional Airgas Locations

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    LONGEVITY Welders Sold Through Regional Airgas Locations

    I am proud to announce that LONGEVITY has landed Regional Airgas distribution in multiple Airgas regions including:

    Airgas South - Servicing 115 in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.branches

    Airgas MID-South - Servicing 71 locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, North Texas, Missouri, Northern Louisiana, Western Tennessee, and Northwest Mississippi

    Airgas Great Lakes - Servicing 60 locations in Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and northern Indiana

    In addition to Airgas, we will continue offering our service and support through our website, our forum, our current distributors in 8 countries, and now Airgas locations! This adds over 200 additional locations that will support and distribute LONGEVITY!

    You will be able to purchase LONGEVITY Welding and Cutting equipment, along with accessories through your local Airgas stores. Airgas will not stock our items currently, but will be able to broker the sale offering their service and pricing. Your local Airgas location can find our vendor number under LGV or LONGEVITY.

    LONGEVITY has worked hard to maintain our status as a solid welding supplier. In 2011, we have succeeded by providing our customers with new models, excellent service, and maintained our Industry Leading Warranty of 5 Years Parts and Labor. In 2012, we are coming even stronger with Trade Shows near you, more distribution, equipment that is produced by the TOP TIER manufacturers that work with other major brands, and we will be introducing industrial equipment through our partners. We will also launch a more reliable and user friendly website.

    I want to thank YOU for supporting and recommended LONGEVITY on our forum, other websites and forums, and to your friends. Without you, we would not be a success.
    Check out our Welding Channel for more great videos at

    Check out our website for the latest Holiday Deals at

    Thank You All!

    Simon Katz
    LONGEVITY Welding
    510-887-7090 x201
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    Wow that's great news Simon. I hope it works out well for you and AirGas.
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    Congratulations Simon

    Congrats, hope this brings alot of new sales, and brand name recognition.
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    Its good to see Airgas adding another great product to there line up. Now to get Longevity in the Airgas stores on the west coast!
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    Great news!! Comgrats Simon..
    The older the Boys, the more expensive the TOYS
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    congratulations simon

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    Thank you guys! We have a lot of work ahead of us to insure everything is properly managed. I look forward to the challenge!
    Longevity Welding
    Toll-Free Support: 1-510-887-7090 / 1-877-566-4462
    Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM to 4PM

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    I hope it works out well for you guys. There is an Airgas location near me so I hope to see your products there in the future.
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    this is good news, should help bost sales, eccept in my area there just stuck on blue
    but if they see LONGEVITY in the big box might start and change there thinking
    our stores around here are pushing real gear stuff, total crap, so this will be a plus

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    Wow I hope you're ready for the increase in sales you will surely receive from this great news. We live in IL and AZ and it figures I didn't see them listed! Our local Airgas is a sea of blue. Not that big of a deal since the Longevity parts are not unique. I've yet to need a consumable for my tigweld 200 that wasn't readily available. Congrats Simon! I know it wasn't easy.
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