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Thread: new (cheap) helmet?

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    Never used one of this but I can say from what I have read, speedglas is a love it or hate it. I would love to try one.
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    My first helmet, when I was in school was a Jackson w30... now that thing was crap... lasted less than 6 months.
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    the miller performance lid is also a excellent lid it is there mid priced lid
    3 arc sensors and clear rated for low amp tig also
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamble View Post
    It's a good Lid but those batteries just add to the weight.
    Two button cells weigh next to nothing. I'm looking hard at the HTP line for a second hood.
    4T or not 4T, that is the question.

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    We have a new line of helmets coming! 4 sensors with nice viewing areas. I hope to have more details in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamble View Post
    ^^That thing sucks! And you have no idea on how bad it sucks until you get a quality helmet.
    I can only recommend ones that I've used.

    So far I've used:
    Same blue Harbor freight one = sucks
    $99 kobalt from lowes = crap
    Jackson eqc = Good helmet, but heavy. Not a fan of helmets that take AAA batteries
    Miller digital = Great,love it; but pricey $200
    Mac tools (made by jackson, I think?) = great helmet. but super over priced, over $400
    HTP striker, $99 free shipping = Lightweight, comfortable and inexpensive.

    Those are the only ones I've used that i can comment on. I have read good and bad things about the lincoln viking helmet, but no personal experience.
    That is exactly what I was afraid of. Because I haven't used any other helmets, it's really hard to tell what I'm missing. I'll have to take a look at the HTP helmets. Thanks for the tip.
    Is it OK to want to break something just so that you can weld it back together?


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