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Thread: LONGEVITY PowerView Elite Auto Darkening Welding Mask

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    LONGEVITY PowerView Elite Auto Darkening Welding Mask

    Here are the specs on the powerview elite welding helmet

    Auto-Darkening Filters

    Large View Area: Lens sizes (7.8, in2)
    Fast response time: and 0.04 ms, 1/25,000 of second
    High Quality UV/IR Protection Hard Coating- High Transmittance for Max. Comfort
    Analog controls for Total/Infinite Setting Control - not preset digital setting.
    Variable Shade control: Light status: Shade 4; Dark status: Shade 9-13
    Variable Delay time adjustable: 0.1S - 0.7S
    Variable Sensitivity adjustable: Low - High
    2 Independent Weld Detection Sensors
    Battery: 2 ea. CR2032, replaceable
    Solar cell backup and battery life extender
    Low battery warning signal - ADF lens blinks (Patent pending).
    ANSI Z87.1, CSA, CE EN379 mark
    Low amp welding - Below 5 amps even on DC Tig
    2 years warranty from purchase date


    Longevity Welding
    Toll-Free Support: 1-510-887-7090 / 1-877-566-4462
    Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM to 4PM

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