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Thread: Welding Helmet Suggestions

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    I've been using the Miller Performance Series Millermatic II I picked up for $160 for several days now and so far I like it a lot. I haven't gotten flashed since I started using it which is a plus.
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    I have two Longevity hoods. They have been good for me. I think you will like your elite hood.
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    all having nice post because wearing helmet is very important to welders during welding process and work will also go well if you take prevention of yours while welding and as above discussed elite carbon fiber will be good to wear and have lot of advantages

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newman180 View Post
    So I have a HF Auto Darkening Helmet which worked great for stick; I was never flashed once. Now that I started tig, I'm getting flashed like crazy... After trying adjusting the light in the building, changing my head's angle, and letting the solar panels soak in some sun, it doesn't make a difference. After a few flashes, I just couldn't take it anymore and put on some old fashioned oxyacetylene goggles with a 10 shield...but man was that difficult.

    I'm on a budget, but I don't think I want to sacrifice my eyes anymore. Anyone have suggestions on which helmet to research? There is not enough information on the Longevitiy helmets for me to be willing enough to spend over $100 on...

    To be honest, I havn't done much searching yet, but maybe you can point me in the right direction. I know about jackson,speedglas, miller, etc. but there are so many options...


    Here's my thought on the subject.

    Reason why, is considering the speed of light (136,000 miles a second) and the distance from arc to your eyes... well... it seems to me it's a no brainer. Yep, you don't see the flash, but your mind does! And that's what's important.

    Consider this, it's a fact you can research for yourself, I've done it so I know. There was a test done with various subject using glasses which turned what they were looking at upside down. It took 30 days or less for All of them to have 'Their Brain' turn things right side up. Interesting!!!

    After several days of testing the glasses were removed, and the subjects again had to deal with about the same time frame concerning their 'upside down worlds' until their brains corrected things and they could see right side up again.

    Now taking all this into consideration, and how fast 'Light' travels, what is Actually happening that we don't know about concerning later vision situations/problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadget View Post
    First off the lens of the helmet should filter the UV rays even when full open, you just get blinded by the light. That's the way it's supposed to work anyway. I had an HF helmet and with TIG it would always flash so I took it back. I traded for the next price up and had no more problems. I also have a Longevity helmet and I never get flashes with that.
    nice post it should be the kind of awareness for all the welders regarding helmet

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    I can't wait to try the new longevity helmet out.
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    i think this stuff should be wear by all the welders at the time of welding because wearing helmet is mandatory for all because it gives prevention to all welders while welding

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    Just buy 9100 series welding helmets.. This is very safety to welder..

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    I use a jackson baldor hood and really like it



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    Hmmm... Ok I have 3 helmets. A Lincoln basic $100 autodark hood non-adjustable, a Harbor Freight (Blue) hood adjastable with grinder mode 2 sensors for $45, and a Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 (Lincoln's top of the line helmet) Free to me but costs about $300.

    I do tig and mig.
    I started with the Basic Lincoln and it worked great. Never once flashed me. It harder to see out of and has a small window but does the job.
    I go the HF blue helmet and yeah it was a lot nicer than the Lincoln for half the price. Again never once flashed. Not after a solid of year of using it. Clarity is that great but not worse than the basic Lincoln but he FOV is much better. Grind mode is a plus so is the adjustable shade. The plastic lenses wear out fast but they cost $5 for a pack of ten, I've used 4 in a year.

    My Viking Helmet. OH WOW!!! that thing is crazy awesome. Like going from a Ford Fiesta and then driving a Ferrari California. HUGE FOV. OMG the clarity!!! I can see. So beautiful. But guess what I use most of the time I put a helmet on... the HF...Especially for dirty work where stuff is going to be falling on my helmet or I am going to be in tight spaces or if I am doing a 1/2" mig root pass... yeah. Most of the time I just throw on the HF helmet. Maybe I'm just afraid of messing up my amazing Viking helmet...

    In short, there are some great inexpensive helmets out there. I have used my HF helmet far more than any other helmet and I like it much better than the $100 Lincoln. I must say the Lincoln doesn't pull my hair like the HF does and that is the only thing I don't like about the HF helmet. But I solved that with a cool welders hat. With flames!!

    Of course the Viking is so awesome, If I had all kinds of money I would only ever wear it and wouldn't worry if it ever got messed up. I would just get another one.
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