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Thread: Just scored a SS

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    The carb you seen is the one currently on my truck, it is a reman but has issues. I just joined also

    Here's the one on the Valare
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    Millermatic 140
    Thermodynamics 190C plasma cutter
    Plasma Trace (custom built by me)
    Victor O/A torch HVAC size
    Craftsman 15" floor model drill press
    Craftsman 6" metal lathe
    Wilton horizontal band saw
    Porter Cable 60 gallon compressor
    Clarke parts washer
    Craftsman 10" table saw
    Ryobi 8 1/2" sliding miter saw
    Homemade bench top english wheel
    Homemade plannishing hammer
    Tons of hand power tools
    1500 sq ft shop
    & an over active imagination

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    That's a 1920 as well.

    Looks like a reman sticker on it as well.

    If you have one that is reman by Holley, you should be in good shape. The 1920 isn't the carb I'd expect to see on a Volare though. Should be the 1945.
    Does the 73 have disc brakes? If it does, you can raise a couple bucks selling the front end parts for a conversion. If it's drum, there is a 9" drum and a 10" drum. The 10" is a nice upgrade for the A-Body guys. The 9" Brakes are like stepping on a mixture of bunker oil and floor wax when they get hot. You'll stop when the law of gravity is repealed.
    Sell the bits and pieces for some extra cash. The exhaust manifolds can sell, but are heavy. 1 bbl intakes are a dime a dozen, though the aluminum ones can pay freight. The welded aluminum ones are a problem with leaks though. There are people from all over the place on that site.

    Check both cars for rear axle type. Weird things started happening with options in the 70's. An A-body 8-3/4" is pure gold. Unlikely on a slant car though. Won't retire you, but make you glad you snagged the car.
    Some shipped with 8-1/4" rears which are a good street/strip upgrade from the 7-1/4". They are worth a little bit. Maybe enough for a couple micro-brew six packs, and nice dinner for two.
    If the rear springs are in good shape, they can be sold locally. Too heavy to ship and make out on the deal. If they're old and sagging, toss them in the steel bucket.

    Grill parts, trim and some body parts can be of value also. There were special interior parts as well. Might make out like a bandit if the car is yours to part out.

    F-Body wheels, the Volare, are wider than the A-body wheels. I run LBP Volare wheels on the Valiant when it's on it's street rubber. It allows me to mount a larger tire.
    Some SBP wheels are of value as well. SBP is 5 on 4, LBP is 5 on 4-1/2.

    Looks like the EGR on the Volare has been torn up. If you unbolt it, turn it over, and bolt it back on upside-down with a new gasket, it will seal up, otherwise you may have an unwanted exhaust to intake leak.
    When you start searching dot org, look up the fuel line mod. You can get the fuel line away from the water pump and off the front of the block. This will help if you have vapor lock issues.



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