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Thread: newbie plasma cutting question

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    newbie plasma cutting question

    does the tip touch the surface you are cutting....or do I need to switch to decaf?

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    You should try to keep the tip 1/16 to 1/8 above the material being cut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by old97 View Post
    does the tip touch the surface you are cutting....or do I need to switch to decaf?
    This depends on the type/age of the cutter. The older cutters were drag cutters and you had to drag the tip to make a cut. All of current Longevity cutters do not need to to touch the metal to cut. The consumables will last much longer with a non contact. Longevity sells two types of spacers to help maintain cutting distance. The roller type cost about $40 and the spring type cost about $12
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    When I free hand a cut I seem to bounce off the surface a lot. I try to keep a slight angle so that the flame will not bounce straight back up the nozzle greatly reducing the life of the tip. I too feel like I have caffeine jitters so I go to great lengths to make holders to guide the torch. I have never tried the two wheel holder, but feel it would work well. I think a simple ceramic cup with a hole in it could be strapped to the tip for controlled dragging, but would block ones view.
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    I have a 40D and when I bought mine I wanted to buy the roller spacer but was told it would not fit the 40D so I got the spring spacer and it works fine . I think $12 dollars is a little high for the little spring wire

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    I put my left hand under the torch and use it as a steady prop to keep it balanced, steady, and a consistent height while using my right hand to actually operate the torch. It helps if you try to keep everything as steady and consitent as possible because the more jerky and unstable you are, the more clean up you will have to do to smooth everything out.
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    Hello Bluesman,

    Full pilot arc plasma cutting torchs are not meant to have the tip touch the metal as plasma cutters without pilot arc do, have a great day.


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    X2 on what Bluesman said. I rest my torch on the non pulling hand as well. I find it steadies me as well as keeping the tip a safe distance away from the work.
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