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Thread: Who has one of these?

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    For anyone that's interested, I am a big fan of the "Fitch Fuel Catalyst" products. Rather than a liquid you add to your gas tank, these things are a type of pellet that you throw into the tank, or a cannister that you add in series into the gas line. Being a catalyst, it's non- sacrificial, so it's a one time deal. - - put it in and forget it - no further purchases necessary. The kits come in different sizes, for different applications. I have one set of pellets that I threw into my 5-gallon gas can, and the cannister type that I installed on our Jeep Liberty.
    My gas can can sit for months on end, and the gas remains fresh - you can even tell by the smell. Since buying the thing, all my small gas powered tools run way better, and more reliably. I don't pretend to understand the process, but the claim is that the catalyst somehow furthers the refining process of the gas indefinately. - - All I know is that for me it works. It's not cheap, but for me it's worth the time I save in jacking around cleaning and adjusting carburetors, fuel tanks etc..
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    this is one of the reasons why I got a gen head and am making a dual input generator. I have 2 engines on the farm Im paying maintenance on already. Since we have the likely hood of week+ power outages I have 2 fuel and engine options. I am setting the stand up so I can hook my 0 turn mower [gasser unfortunatly] or it can go to my tractors pto. if its a serious outage the first thin thats probably going to get started is that tractor clear a path for things and then move in the mower for some winter duty. has a secondary bonus of keeping my mower in better shape for the summer.
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