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Thread: 1967 firebird build (my first car)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigqk View Post
    Can you advise if you had to go to aftermarket parts and sheetmetal for replacement or were the still available from GM?
    I went with aftermarket parts from national parts depot, For budget aftermarket are fine. For quality I go with GM replacement, the jamb areas are USUALLY better. What vehicle are you looking for parts for?

    Quote Originally Posted by wellis77 View Post
    Looks good so far Mike. What are the plans for it? Going back to original, resto-mod, something else? I'm building a pro-touring '69 Dart w/ a full chassis, Viper suspension, stroked 5.7 Hemi, T-56, and a host of other goodies...
    The car has been done since late 2006. I went with the traditional old musclecar style. I raised the back end and put weld racing rims on. Mickey thompson indy profile rear tires size N50-15. It looks great.
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    I have used and own a lot more equipment than this.

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    I'm a Journeman Bodyman and was just wondering about the status of some of those parts, don't have a car that I am rebuilding, and in the shop it is rare to get something more than five years old, not many completes, I do have an 87 Ranger 4x4 STX that I need box panels for and Ford does not stock them anymore, would like to fix it.Nice truck came from factory with lift,bars light kit, large tires.
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    Wow! That is a project...
    (Retired) professional firefighter. Amateur everything else I try to do...
    and I do some of it with:
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    Making great progress on this project. I really like the old muscle cars. I'm old enough to remember them as new. Keep going strong.
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    How about some updates as there haven't been any in years?

    It's nice to see folks keeping and restoring old cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokiePhd View Post
    How about some updates as there haven't been any in years?

    It's nice to see folks keeping and restoring old cars.
    Hi HokiePHD and welcome to the forum. We like pictures here so please include some showing your work. Be sure to post a bit about yourself in the introduce yourself section so we can get to know you. Also, consider entering the latest contest here. The odds of winning are great.
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    I just posted an introduction.

    I'm a long way from winning a contest. I just fixed a couple of cracks on my garden tractor and the welds were very very very ugly. So being a total beginner, I have a way to go before I enter any contests.

    The good news though is that the welds are strong with good penetration. So the goal of fixing the tractor has been achieved and I didn't have to hire someone to do it!


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