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    ATV Racing...

    I have a friend that owns a small company, Extreme ATV, and they do general repair and customization of ATV's and sell accessories and racing gear. They also have a racing team. If they were interested in being part of the Longevity-Racing program what would they need to do? Last time I checked the Longevity-Racing site there wasn't an ATV racing partner listed there.


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    Beyond submitting information at "", I'd hit up every vendor at the race, repeatedly. Their best bet is supporting a racer that places consistently (obviously), and interfacing with local circuit vendors.

    The latest Longevity Racing posts (since yours) are more than 6 months old. (I'm not counting mine ) Doesn't seem like a really high traffic area. General or Welding Projects would probably get a better response.

    If you know the specific series / event nomenclature it makes things much easier. ^_^

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