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Thread: what kind of grinders everyone usin?

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    One: Bosch 5" side switch angle grinder
    One: Milwaukee 5" variable speed paddle switch grinder
    One: Black & Decker 7"
    One: Harbor Freight 4 1/2" used only with wire wheels.

    The Bosch and Black&Decker are quite old, the Milwaukee is about 7 years old USA made, the HF is 3-4 years old.

    All have been good to me.

    The old Bosch grinder is still kick'n after a lot of concrete dust.


    PS: I also have another Harbor Freight 4 1/2" grinder. It's what I loan out if I have to.
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    I use a Craftsman 4.5" and have had it for quite a few years now, still working good.
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    1-7" hitachi 5years
    2-4 1/2" hitachi 1 4-5years other 3 moths
    1-7" air 10 years
    1-4 1/2" air 10 years
    4-5 4 1/2" Harber Freights All Dead don't hold up

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    i have one ryobi 4.5 cordless and 4 harbor freights. of the HF's one has a cutting wheel, one has a grinding wheel, one has a knotted wire cup and one has a flapper disk. at 10 bucks a piece they are well worth it. i've had to replace 3 in my 7 years of fabricating. one motor stopped working, one switch stopped working and one got out of my hands and ate up the cord.
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    I'm going to buy my fourth 4 1/2" grinder hopefully later today. Canadain Tire is selling a 7.5 amp. Mastercraft for $20.

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    Art R.

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    I use a Northern Tool 4.5" that cost about $15. Been going hard with it for about 3 years. Still going strong
    I can't finish a project before I start a new addiction to say the least

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    I have one of those old Chraftsmans that I bought in 1982. Still works. I got a Mikita 18volt ccordless and I use it all the time, both grinding and cutting. It's a small disk, so I imagine I'll be looking for something in the midrange soon.
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    I have a old B and D from before the dewalt days its over 10 years old still kicking its used daily well i have changed the brushes on it once or twice
    i have gone thru makitas dewalts and had a few HF specials that blew up
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    I bought a HF 4 1/2 grinder for $9.99 last week. It works, but I don't know for how long.
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    The Porter cable 4 1/2 I bought 2 or 3 months ago sounded crappy from the git go and gave up the ghost a couple days ago taking it back to Lowes and getting another cause I don't have the reciept to get money back but I will be notifying PC of my unhappiness with their crap tools. I have one of their saber saws I hate also. My HF grinders last a couple years at least.

    Here's a tip for when you get a new grinder, take the gear box apart and throw a spoon full of grease in there.
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