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Thread: 110 220 pigtail

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    110 220 pigtail

    I just ordered a 518D. I will mainly use this in my shop where I currently have a 220 receptacle for my arc welder. I will occasionally take this on the road where there may be only 110. Has anyone built a pigtail that can be plugged into either receptacle?

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    Re: 110 220 pigtail

    Hi Dick....I think it comes with both. You just have to change it out with what you need at the time.

    Sorry, I stand corrected...My unit just came ( LC-416D ) anyway and there are no plugs. I had my electrician over here today and I am planning to do the same thing as you are inquiring about. I wanted this to be a somewhat mobile unit I could take and run on 110v. anywhere. I'm not totally sure if that will be possible though. I don't have 220v. here, but now I am having it installed and also a dedicated circuit for 110v. just to run this unit on.

    I am updating my info by suggestion of my electrician.....

    Please disregard info that I posted earlier referring to pig tails...TOO DANGEROUS:
    Here is what I have done instead. It does work and is much safer...... I an referring to a 40 amp unit that I am working with, keep that in mind..... First of all put a 20 amp.rated 110v. plug on the end of your cord that is on your unit from factory. It's probably too short to do anything with so you will want a longer cord for 110v. and 220v. So, now you have a 20 amp. rated plug on your too short cord from the factory. If you are using 110v. just use a regular extension cord, but not too long and it must be #12 wire or better.........If you want to use 220v. do this : .......Make an extension cord from 12/3 sj stranded wire ( I made a 10 footer ). Get a 20 amp rated female plug for you cord to match the plug on the end of the unit. Wire it, ground to ground, the other two don't matter. On the other end of the extension cord get a 20 amp/220v. male plug. Wire it, ground to ground. The other two don't matter. They will both be hot. Your unit will sense this and you will have 220v. current now that you are using your new extension cord.
    See diagram below....this is what I did for a receptical for my unit. The 110v. is a dedicated circut also. This will make a difference.
    WARNING.... NOTE ! You are responsible for your own actions. I take NO liability for this advice given here...Have a nice day.

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