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Thread: High Frequency shielding for CNC Plasma

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    Welcome to the forum, miikkessio.
    Is it OK to want to break something just so that you can weld it back together?

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    and Gadget, thanks for clearing things up! I'm going to use similiar ''pilot arc'' technique in my new DIY plasma table.

    Actually I am now building that plasma table. I just welded the frame and machined some parts out of aluminium for the x&y belt drive. It is hard to find time for the project though. I promise that as soon as I find some extra time, I'll show up in here too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadget View Post
    ]Here are the promised photos of how I shielded my CNC electronics from the high frequency of the plasma cutter. The braided shield was purchased online and the wires were threaded through them. Pretty easy to do, just compress the braid like one of the Chinese handcuff devices you played with as a kid (I'll bet you had one) which makes a large enough center hole to thread the wires in then once over the wire just pull it lengthwise to cover the wire.


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    wow nice pics displaying whole process for cnc plasma

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    The plasma cutting process itself is capable of almost surgical precision. It is the human hand that guides a manual plasma cutting torch that is responsible for the roughness sometimes seen in plasma cut pieces.Today CNC plasma cutting systems typically use the operator's personal computer to create the shapes to be cut and control the cutting machine. The resulting shapes are smoother than would be possible with a bandsaw, and can include intricate curves, inside cuts, and sharp corners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalky View Post
    Here's an e-mail that I sent to Tom over at CandCNC:

    Me: Will the High frequency torch start on my machine interfere with the electronics, or is everything shielded sufficiently so that the emf emitted from my torch will not be a factor?

    Tom: We have everything isolated (even the Torch volts is isolated back to the DTHC side) but getting the plasma side well grounded (earth ground) AND making sure the PC and control side is on a different AC feed and ground is essential to kill the HF start noise. It is not simple enough to just tie everything to one ground and call it good.

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    I'm basing my install on his recommendation of having seperate grounds between table and controls. I can always go back and change it. I think the problem comes in when you try to daisy chain grounds instead of making "home runs" back to the ground Rod.
    From someone that just finished a build using a hf Esab machine.. Mine is working ,,mostly.. I never have trouble with missed steps or limit switch falses.. but if the torch fires in mid air for any reason it will lock the computer up . I have done everything I can think of or told to do. shielded wires , grounded table grounded computer.. All in all ,if I hadn't have already had the Esab machine I would go with a non hf machine just to avoid all the trouble. in my opinion,, it's not worth it...

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    Hi cwalker and welcome to the forum. When you get a chance please post a bit about yourself in the introduce yourself section so we can get to know you.
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