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Thread: Longevity Elite helmet problem

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    Longevity Elite helmet problem

    Fairly recently I ordered and received a new Longevity Elite auto-darkening helmet. The electronics work fine, but I am very displeased with the flip mechanism. The helmet falls down at the slightest head movement - it seems even if you breath too hard.. The pinch bolt system seems to be completly ineffective. I checked two of my old helmets, and the pinch bolt/hinge system is completely different.
    I raised this complaint earlier on the forum, and a few others said they had a similar problem - but maybe not so severe. I questioned Longevity, and they didn't suggest a solution, but said they are investigating a new hinge for the helmets.
    In any case, for anyone having a similar problem, if your helmet is designed the same as mine, I have a solution.
    Remove the head-gear from the helmet by removing the finger nuts, and gently spreading the helmet body till it comes out. Locate the 14mm nuts one each side of the gear, slip a 14mm socket over each, and gently snug them down by hand. - Re-assemble the helmet, and test.
    I have enclosed two photos below to help.
    I know this sounds pretty basic - but since Longevity didn't suggest it, I'm assuming they haven't tried it yet.
    Other than the above problem, I'm pleased with the rig.

    Art R.
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    I have not had any problems yet. This is good information.
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Actually i am not using this helmet.But i heard someone to about this helmet.I think this helmet is good.


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