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Thread: Where is your goto place for online metal?

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    Beetle, I have done the same. Tends to clutter though, so I try to use it for whatever. It's easy to get sentimental about pieces and never use them because you save them for the perfect project.

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    I have placed a few orders of tubing from these guys, did everything online with no hassle at all.

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    i buy metal locally. i call em in the a.m. and the metal is sittin at my doorstep the next a.m. at no extra charge. for anything special, like ball n claw or other stuff, i go to king architectural metals out of texas. they are fair in price, considering
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    I go to a local place.They always have what I need,but I have to buy at least $40 worth every time I go,because they have a minimum.So sometimes I do pick up scrap metal where I see it.

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    I always get my metal locally as the online places can't compete once you factor in the shipping fees, is nice to use as a reference though but I've never ordered from them. As a side note has anyone else noticed that over the past month or so that has viruses on it? When I go there my virus scanner goes nuts telling me that the site is full of viruses once the DNS sever that I use prompted me that the site was unsafe before transferring me there. It's really strange considering online metals is one of the larger online suppliers of metal.
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    I've used and they've always shipped quick.
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    I do a little of everything. I raid my local steel yard for scrap. Not the recycler (they rip me off). Buy some on ebay, and buy some from metalsupermarket if I can't find it anywhere else.
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