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  1. help construction rake subsoiler for excavator

    hello, I should make a rake to attach to an excavator someone could help me with tips or tools to implement, should be about a meter wide to clean the ground stones and roots to hook a small...
  2. thanks for the suggestion I will treasure your...

    thanks for the suggestion I will treasure your words
  3. help sizing construction jib crane hoyst for workshop

    per il mio piccolo laboratorio avrei dovuto costruire una piccola gru a bandiera girevole appoggiata a un pilastro di cemento armato. le misure sono di
    3 metri lunghezza braccio
    altezza sotto...
  4. suggestion how to build an anvil or swage block with recycled materials

    you could suggest me how to make an anvil or a swage block to forge the metals, building chisels or nails levers to pry, I have to knock over with a 10 kg sledgehammer thus seen that the hammer...
  5. iron frame, floor trusses and pillars for cover, "attic"

    sorry if you questioning should create a cover, an insulated roof
    I also did the accounts of the steward, in principle, it lacks something I encourage you to emphasize
    Materials List:
    1) # 6...
  6. help purchase multiprocess welder what better?

    I would buy a multiprocess welder mig mag tig mma plasma cutter which I suggested price performance photo video thanks

    help purchase multiprocess welder what better?
  7. gantry crane 2 ton craftsmanship aid implementation

    Hi guys are mintake for my lab welding realize I need a small crane steel frame stand with wheels I have to hang a chain hoist for loading and unloading from vehicles and weights to lift loads when I...
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    salve mi chiamo mintache sono saldatore e metalmeccanico sono felice di fare parte della vostra comunita spero di condividere esperienze e testimonianze del settore tecnico meccanico

    hello my name...
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