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  1. migweld 250 mp setup

    Quote Originally Posted by nmugzy40 View Post
    i just received my new 250 mp. i downloaded the manual and im a little confused. the mig gun has a plastic sleave that the mig wire runs through and it sticks out about 5 or 6 inches. the manual states to cut it to 5mm long. im just unsure of cutting it. im wondering if i should cut it. i have never set up a mig welder before i just dont want to mess it up. the manual also shows a metal sleave for steel wire but the unit did not come with it. so if any of you gents can give me some insight
  2. Gas hose problem help needed

    Quote Originally Posted by sportpilot View Post
    Thank you both. I will report in tomorrow after I visit hardware store. I will try clamps first since safety wire is at my CA home, and I am at my AZ home until next week.
    Well, I fixed the problem. I purchased some 1/4 inch compression clamps (USA made), wrapped the fittings in teflon tape, then lightly coated the fittings with a plastic compliant sealant. I then jammed the fittings into the plastic hose, applied the clamps, and let the sealant dry. After that, I ...
  3. New guy from Florida

    see if I can figure out this web site.
    Quote Originally Posted by RAVENS29 View Post
    Name:  roadster bed 005.jpg
Views: 417
Size:  37.3 KBName:  roadster bed 008.jpg
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Size:  78.4 KBName:  roadster bed 001.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilly View Post
    Did you make the bed parts or order replacement panels? Very cool looking. Can't wait to see it together.
    I made every part except the cowl and the door skins are a repo model a skin that I made higher and put the body line in
  4. Tig Welding

    I Have a Weldmax 250i and I Want To Tig Thin Metal. The Torch Is A WP20. Can I Get Smaller Collets And Tungsten?
  5. A man of Iron and Steel

    For most of my adult life I've worked with metal in one form or another. I am so fascinated with it's obvious nature and it's hidden secrets. I've bent, formed and molded metals of all kinds, but nothing compares to being on the pouring floor of a foundry. Watching the furnace master mix the various ingredients to melt down and slag off so the my partner and I could catch this mystical elixir of earth elements in our ladle so that we could pour the newly formed metal into the sand molds. The heat ...
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