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Grumpy Old Man - Until Now

03-17-2009, 03:38 PM
As I get older and now retired, I have become less tolerant in many things. For example, after replacing a gas hot water heater twice within two years and having the dealer and company use stalling tactics and even then ultimately refuse to give an RMA authorization after multiple repairs, one becomes jaded.

On the other hand I've had good experiences with machines and tools that come from other countries. I have a Chinese manufactured milling machine, lathe, and an ever growing collection of power tools.

My most recent purchase was a Longevity WeldPro 200 P. When I first purchased it the dealer here in Arizona, A2Z Electronics and Welding, had me come in and demonstrated each of the capabilities of the machine. All questions were answered and a sale was made.

At first I only used the arc welder since I didn't have an argon bottle and didn't need to cut any metal. After three months I bought a gas bottle and had a project to work on. The plasma cutter was great, but the TIG didn't seem to fire up. The folks at A2Z walked me through the TIG settings over the phone and we decided it would be best to just take it in to the store. Jim set the machine up in their demo area and sure enough there didn't seem to be full power to the TIG side of the machine. This was on a Friday afternoon.

I was out at a Harbor Freight sidewalk sale Saturday morning and when I got home my wife said that A2Z had called and I should come by to pick up a new machine! This grumpy old guy was a bit skeptical, but OK, we'll drive over and see what they say.

When I walked in the door they knew my name and called back to Jim that I was here to pick up a new machine. Sure enough, Jim rolled out a cart with a new machine on it, helped me load it into my truck, and I was off for home.

Now that is what I call service! A real attempt to solve the problem first over the phone. Goodness knows I usually have one or more settings wrong. When that didn't work, bring it into the shop and look at it with you right there. Jim checked the circuit board plugs etc and asked to look at it in more detail and would get back to me. I expected at least a couple of weeks wait for parts or whatever, but the next morning! Companies and individuals like those at A2Z could make an old grump convert back to being one happy fellow.

HerbD 8)

03-17-2009, 04:17 PM
Good to hear of your experence. I am also retired and grumpy intill I see the neigors going of to work when there is a foot of snow on the ground!!! The only thing I have to crab about is the lack of heat in the garage, POOR BABY!!


03-17-2009, 05:23 PM
LOL - As long as I don't burn down the tree over my backyard/outdoor work area I'll be OK. We're in the 80's right now and heading for the 90's later this week. Once it gets over 100 the early mornings are about the only time a sane person would work outside here in the desert.

Thanks for reminding me about not having to go to work, although I did enjoy the people I worked with. Just knowing you can do, or not do, whatever you want is a great thing.


HerbD 8)

03-18-2009, 05:48 AM
I looked around a lot before I purchased my machine. the big companies charge way too much, and the " other companies", do not give the customer service that Longevity does. I have not needed any service, but in my research before purchasing, i found a ton of positive customer service from Longevity.

03-18-2009, 09:28 AM
At Longevity, they know the way to prosper is through super customer service. They are doing a great job of it and it shows.