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Air cooled spindles.

01-19-2013, 12:38 PM
Any of you guys have any experience with air cooled spindles for these cnc hobby machines? I'm thinking about a 1hp or 1.5hp air cooled spindle (import).. A friend of mine has spotted one on an old machine where he works and it's actually removed and laying on the machine, its suppose to come up at the next auction, problem is he dont know when the next auction will be, so its basically a waiting game, could be next month could be next year.

I'm really starting to look at spindles though. I found a couple items I would like to machine, such as custom grips for a Smith&Wesson 27-2, grips for a 1911 and a couple other models of pistols.

I'll wait and see what comes up, but was just wondering what some of you guys thought... I dont care for a liquid cooled spindles, we had liquid cooled, highspeed spindles in a twin spindle carbon cutting mill at work and they were pieces of junk, especially for $8000 a pop..

01-20-2013, 06:25 AM
If using the spindle for wood and you want to hook up a vacuum system, I would wonder about air flow direction. If it flows down, it can be harder to suck up the dust without using some kind of deflection. If it flows up, that wouldn't be good either as I think it could suck dust and chips into the inlet. What about a wood router?