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200dx pulse hi/lo/off switch?

12-28-2011, 10:56 AM
Alright, so i'm looking at finally using the Pulse setting on this thing after tinkering around with just straight DC.

i'm following along with Jody's vids @ Weldingtips&tricks.com, he's using an everlast 250, but most of the knobs are the same, or can be translated over pretty easily. one thing i'm confused about is the pulse setting. i'm gunna be honest, the manual for the 200dx is horribly translated, but i think i did manage to sort of understand it as this, off position is obvious, but the low setting, makes the "Pulse Freq." knob regulate between .2Hz and 25Hz? and on the high setting it regulates that knob to be from 25Hz all the way to the max 300Hz?

the garage customs video on the 200 Dx sale page is pretty vague too, the switch and knob were both pretty much breezed by.

also, i havent messed with the 2t/4t setting yet. the video says that 2t is tap button, torch stays on with no ramping, tap again, turns off no ramping, and 4t is same thing with ramping? this seems a bit off to me, as i know the everlast 2t is push and hold, fires and ramps up to max, release, ramps down to off, and 4t is like the tapping? i havent messed with it yet, as i like the foot pedal, but i'd be nice to know in case i ever have a need for it.

12-28-2011, 12:45 PM
2t is push and hold 4t is push to start and push to stop. As for the pulse, you have pulse frequency which is pretty self explanatory but you have to set the base amperage and max amperage as well. Make sure all current knobs are at zero before beginning. Then turn up the base current to the MINIMUM current of the pulse. Once that's done you can set the peak amperage for the maximum current. If you do it backwards you won't be able to see the base current settings

01-01-2012, 07:37 PM
Thanks for the clarification on the 2T, i knew it was as it should be, but that video threw me off.

refer to this image: http://www.longevity-inc.com/images/products/large/P_1553_tigweld200dx200ampacdctigwelderfrontpanel.j pg
now, i get what pulse is, i'm asking what the actual values are on the 200 DX, it says .2Hz -> 300Hz on the label. there's also a 3 position switch, Off, Low, High... i want to know what the values are so i can attempt to match other peoples settings when using welders of a different brand, and so when i find something that works i can be like "set your pulse to X" instead of "my pulse is at the 1 o'clock position" because not all manufacturers use the same values.

For example, on an Everlast 250, the Off, Low, High switch is a range selector, off is off, Low makes the knob .2 to 20hz, and High makes the knob 20-200hz (values are not exact probably, but its something along those lines) i just want to know what the values of high and low are on a 200DX with the switch in low or high actually are. Its not labeled on the 200DX like it is on an everlast, and, like i said the manual is pretty poorly translated.

from reading the manual, the section explaining it says in the "On" position its .2 to 25Hz, so i'm assuming that's the Low position, and that high would be 25 to 300?

01-01-2012, 08:09 PM
I'll defer to someone who actually has one of the machines. I have the 200PI.