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Speed Adjust 8m Spool Gun

12-18-2011, 04:21 PM
I received my spool gun yesterday and today I decided to take it out to the garage and snap some photos.

Once I get ready to use it, hopefully I'll have some more constructive input about it.

I'll start with a short list of initial Pros and Cons obviously these are not based on performance but, on the Longevity transaction and initial product impressions.


-Great price, I was fortunate enough to roll the dice on the "Make an offer" option and got a quick response time and got the terms I wanted (thanks Simon)

- Quick delivery, I was told it would ship on a Tuesday (12/13) and it did. Tracking said it would be here on the 19th, it got here on the 17th.

-The spool gun is advertised as 25'. It donned on me that the name Speed Adjust 8m Spool Gun implies it's actually 8 meters which is over 26'. It's long. 26' sounds good size, twice as long as a 12 footer, yadda, yadda, yadda, but when I stretched it out down the hallway it gives you an idea how big and useful that length will be.Craftsmanship seems good. Again, I haven't used it yet but is doesn't seem to be cheap or fragile.

- While I haven't added a spool of wire yet, the weight seems very manageable and the cables don't seem to drag the gun down.
-Denim/cotton cable covering. not sure if this is necessary or not, but it sure is comforting to see an extra layer of protection for a nearly $400 device. I would like to see similar coverings on all of their gun cables. While the denim was an improvement over nothing, I would prefer the cover on the plasma torches

-Packaging. *product was not damaged* The box I received was actually open when I received it due to tape/box failure. There was some sort of cardboard containment inside that didn't do anything. In my opinion, the box was too big and the UPS padded envelopes used as packing didn't offer much protection. My fed Ex guy said he annotated the damage as he ran away form my delivery guy hating dog, but even he recognized the damage (I thought they did most of the damage for a living). *Again, my spool gun was fine this is just precautionary for those that ship to use the right size box or pack it to minimize movement.

-Directions. Nearly $400 and not one ounce of paperwork? Seriously, this is a big problem I have with some of this "non-US stuff". While the spool gun appears to be pretty straight forward to operate (I've never used one) there should be something... Put wire in here, spin this to adjust feeder on wire, and twist this knob to adjust feed rate, Maximum and minimum voltages, amperages, feed rates, consumables list, parts list, etc. Seriously these little things bug me... But, once I get this thing rolling, I'll make an owners manual, assuming I can figure it out :lol:

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Here's the box, again no damage just some photos for thought.


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Here it is coiled up with denim/cotton cover


12-19-2011, 02:10 PM
I have the same gun. I think that the box they used is the same one that mine was shipped in!! Ha! I did not receive a manual or anything else either. Lincoln MIG tips fit the gun, but I have not welded with them. There is a spacer between the tip and the gun. If this spacer is removed a Panasonic tip can be used, I think. I have MIG welded once and am really in the leering mode so any info is good for me.