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Baliegh Industrial Manual Metal Worker.

09-26-2011, 12:46 PM
Got our Baliegh Industrial Manual Metal Worker in. It is a LOT smaller than I thought it was going to be and haven't decided exactly where to mount it. Thought it would be portable and could be moved around in the shop, BUT, if you cut anything with it other than thin gauge tin, it has to be mounted stationary because when you pull the handle the leverage causes the whole daggum thing to want to turn over. We tried to hold it down but that only works if several strong and very heavy folks stand put all their weight into counter balancing it. It is rated to cut 5/16" flat steel and probably will, but once again, it is going to have to be mounted permanently in order to do that. We did manage to cut some 1/8" angle and some 11 gauge flat bar with it and the cuts are very smooth and literally no loss of material to kerf.

I will post up some pics of it soon as I can. So far, I would recommend the product to someone that worked with 5/16" thick angle and flat bar. Supposedly, it will cut 7/8" thick square stock and round stock but I haven't tried that yet. You would think that the handle would be a little stouter than it is but it is stronger than you think.

If anyone does a lot of work with any thicker metal than that, it would be in your best interest to get an automatic hydraulic metal worker.

Thinner materials and a small shop applications, you couldn't go wrong with this unit though especially considering the size of it and the price. Comes with a warranty and they are user serviceable.

that is all.