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BP Oil Spill ROV Video Streams

06-18-2010, 08:06 PM
Have any of you been tuning in to BP's ROV video streams in and around the blow out preventer? It's kinda amusing to watch these folks run these robots (ROVs). This must be one hell of a stressful job to manipulate these 10,000 pound monsters especially around each other! At any given time there seems to be two or three buzzing around the leak. I've seen them bash into each other and break headlights. I watched them break off handles on valves. I watched them remove live hydraulic stabs with 5500 PSI (BOOOOSH!) I watched them break wooden cleaning brushes. I watch them try to run a torque wrench on a flange bolt only to find out the socket was too small. That was the most frustrating because they sent that poor ROV to the surface 5 times! 5 Times they tried different sockets with no luck! What the heck! Consider the fact it takes about 45 minutes or so for an ROV to surface and submerge! So this little charade lasted most of a Sunday last week. :-(

Anyway all teasing aside, It's cool to see some of the contraptions they are trying to implement like the containment cap. And of course I'm looking at the welds. Some of these welders are amazing. Very clean and well done beads, etc.

It's definitely cheap entertainment when you need to relax and zone out. Check them out if you can. The live feed link can be found at BP's home page.