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Anyone Happy with 60I or 80?

05-21-2010, 06:21 AM
Hello, I am new here, and looking into a new plasma cutter. My Lincoln ProCut 25 was stolen from a garage recently, so Iím in the market again. The ProCut worked nicely and did everything I needed, but I always wished I had a bigger unit. It had the pilot arc start so it did not have to touch the metal, and the tips lasted a long time. I have used this unit for 5 years now and was satisfied with it, but want a bigger unit for a replacement. I have looked at the Miller Spectrum Extreme 625 which is 40 amps and is the same price that the ProCut was. I am now looking for other alternatives. I like the look of the LP-60I, but wonder if anyone has used one for a while and how it stacks up to a machine like the Miller 626 or Lincoln ProCut 55. So at the moment Iím just looking. I also like the specs of the LP-80, but donít like that it does not have the pilot arc start feature. I typically make templates out of 1/4inch fiber board, and I have an x-y table made with skateboard bearings to hold the torch steady while I trace the pattern by hand.

05-21-2010, 08:29 AM
I replied to your first post about starting off metal with the LP80. But will do it here too. I use a pilot arc torch on my LP80 with the pilot arc wire connected to the ground lead. This allows starting the torch off metal. I use mine on my CNC table and control the start and stop of the torch with the CNC software.
I have been very happy with my LP80 and the plasma function of my LS200PI multifunction unit. (actually happy with all functions of the LS200PI).

05-21-2010, 09:55 AM
I typically make templates out of 1/4inch fiber board, and I have an x-y table made with skateboard bearings to hold the torch steady while I trace the pattern by hand.
I like this ideaapplaud

Can't help with the plasma cutter, I have a multi function machine. Maybe there is someone that lives close to you that is in the try before you buy program, check it out, on this forum.

05-22-2010, 12:23 AM
I found this site while surfing for lower cost alternatives. I am just a hack, and use the cutter for building car frames, etc as a hobby so I really donít need a professional model, but also donít want something that Iíll wish I had not purchased.

I had gotten used to using a plasma cutter and have not cut much metal for two weeks now since I donít have one. I have a Lincoln Precision Tig-185 and a Lincoln Ideal ARC 250. I sold my Miller 275 MIG years ago due to marriage. I would have considered a multifunction machine as shop space is limited, but back then the pickings were slim.

To make my templates I use Solid Works. Any 2D drafting program would do. I draw a shape, then have SolidWorks automatically add an offset interior line that is just over half the width of the tip plus kerf angle. Then I print it on my LaserJet, cut out the shape, rubber cement it to the ľ inch fiber board, then cut on the line with a scroll saw. I take the template and hold it to the steel with clamps or with the rare earth magnets from old hard drives. This way I can make as many as I want, and I have a backup on the computer. Also I can print what it is with revision and date in the middle somewhere. To get a smooth cut I use my thumb to slowly turn the skateboard bearing keeping pressure on the template. The only issue with the cut is the width of the plasma jet for fine detail work. If I ever get the time I will make a CAD table. I have 4 heavy duty steper motors with ĺ inch stainless steel guides and drive belts from an automatic assembly machine, but do not the time;)

So today my concerns are will the 80 get the pilot arc 2weeks after I purchase? Is the 60I all I need since I lived for 5 years with a 25 Amp machine? Will these machines stay around and will parts be available? I do realize that the big three keep machines around forever with parts, but the parts are very expensive. For instance my 5 year old Procut is only 25 amps, yet the torch handle replacement costs over $400.00. With this in mind, I could get a similar small machine complete for the cost of the handle. I also like having the schematic of the machine available even though I know that in 8 years one may not be able to still get parts.

I wish someone in CT had a machine I could look at.


05-22-2010, 01:50 AM
You will find the support and customer service here to be second to none. I have not heard of one person who had regrets about buying any of the Longevity units. You have a 5 year parts and labor warranty as well. Longevity has been around for awhile and have developed a fine product and will be around for a long time to come.
As for pilot arc on the 80 I suggest calling Jesse at Longevity (Phone: 877-566-4462 ext: 202) and talking directly with him. He will be able to answer the time table for PA on that or any other unit.

05-24-2010, 09:26 AM
Thank you for posting about your interest in a LONGEVITY plasma cutter! We have some great plasma cutters to choose from as well as some new models that will be available here in the next couple of weeks. Please contact me at our toll free # 877-566-4462 ext: 202 to discuss the plasma cutter that will suite your needs the best at the best possible price.

Thanks again for your interest and hope to hear from you!