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I cant believe I did that.

11-10-2009, 03:54 PM
I am working on a part for a boat trailer. This piece has a step on the side that is 4" long made from 1 1/4 square tubing that is braced underneath it. I got it welded on and was ready to go to another area of the project when I realized I welded on the wrong side. Now I got to cut it off and reweld it on the other side. Makes you feel real smart when you do somehting like this.:roll:

11-10-2009, 05:49 PM
Must be your advancing years ;-)

11-10-2009, 06:09 PM
don't feel bad bhardy!....it comes with experience....or age if you prefer....

spent a lot of time unable to find a track for my garage door, so decided to make a long slice on one, rebuild it so it fit a new dimension (roll up door so a bit of a headache) and had a perfect bracket full length. Welded her up and it looked great....but realized it was for the wrong side! So it does happen, but in this case rather than cut it out, added another long piece to rotate it 90 degrees. So it's part of the measure twice, cut once routine....especially after you're over 50 or so!

11-10-2009, 06:34 PM
Just turn the door around, problem solved ;-)

11-10-2009, 06:58 PM
Sounds like every project I do. Seems like there is always some piece I have to redo on a project of any size.

11-11-2009, 01:05 PM
Gee! I've never had that problem - - yeah right.
It's good to know I'm not alone though. - - maybe it's a problem unique to hobby fabricators??

Art R.

11-11-2009, 04:12 PM
We've all been there... trust me. And age has nothing to do with it.

11-12-2009, 06:19 AM
I do it regularly. I dont think it has much to do with age , just not paying attention.

11-12-2009, 08:11 AM
I do the same types of things. I think that we are so intend in doing the project and not thinking about it. Some times I over think a project and never do it!!

11-12-2009, 06:58 PM
After almost 35 years of working on cars trucks and minibikes to motorcyles I have done some pretty goofy things. I know some vintage motorcyle owners whom have put their motors in backwards.............thats backwards :roll:!!! sheesh I think it means we are human and fallible

Uncle Ed
11-12-2009, 07:55 PM
Some of us are aliens, yet, also fallible :(

11-12-2009, 08:38 PM
Roflmao =)

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Roflmao =)

11-22-2009, 10:32 AM
But have you ever done it 3 times on the same piece, grinding it off and re-welding it the wrong way 2 times in a row?

11-23-2009, 11:43 AM
A few years go I did a valve job on my BMW motorcycle. After I was done it leaked oil from what seemed to be the rear main seal. So I replaced it. It leaked even more. So I got a different seal and replaced it again. The rear engine seal isn't easy to replace on a BMW motorcycle it requires major deconstruction so this whole process took weeks and weeks. I finally took it apart once more and found that when I did the valve job I left out one small unimportant looking bolt. I had left it out because I put the head on before I put the bolt back in and I couldn't reach it with the head on. Taking the head off would mean getting a new head gasket which aren't cheap. That bolt plugged a hole that went from the inside of the engine to the clutch housing.

The good news is I am pretty darn good at splitting a oil head BMW and putting it back together again :)


11-23-2009, 12:24 PM
Now that right there - that would be frustrating.

Art R.

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I can't believe I did that!
A number of years ago I spotted a booze decanter that I really wanted. It is a battery operated glass decanter with on old man on the top that takes a whizz into a shot glass when you press a button. - - Very classy - and doesn't leak a drop!
My wife's birthday was coming up - - so hey!!
For some reason she didn't seem to like it. - I wrapped it up real nice! - Maybe it was the "Over the Hill" lettering embossed into the decanter?
Anyway, it was "cold shoulder" for lunch for a while after that.

Can't believe I did that.

Art R.