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Trafimet Plasma Torch

05-25-2009, 07:05 PM
I went to my local welding shop where I buy argon gas the other day. I brought along the plasma torch from my LS200-P to see if they had a tip with a smaller diameter hole. I wanted to get a thinner kerf when cutting stainless steel sheet. The guy behind the counter asked what brand of torch it was. Of course I didn't know, and the name Longevity wasn't one he was familiar with.

After some research on the Internet it appears that the torch is either made by Trafimet or is a copy of same. You can see an interesting brochure and parts list for the torch at the link below. Select S45 in the drop down list.

Trafimet (http://www.trafimetusa.com/trafimettorches.htm)

Trafimet also produces twist lock connectors for welding cables, both cable connectors and panel connectors. (Someone was looking for these, although I don't recall the thread at this time.)

05-25-2009, 09:58 PM
Yes HerbD, you are correct The S45 torch is the correct one for the 160P and 200P. I came accross this info a while ago, and posted it. No noe ever responded to it.

05-25-2009, 11:08 PM
Based on my checking around I found no other size tips for this particular torch. They have two tips, same size of opening, just one is longer for harder to reach places. It is a good torch, made in Italy I believe, and is sold for use with many machines. I'm very pleased with it, good practice is to use a brass brush to clean the head often which will extend the tip life.

05-26-2009, 12:15 AM
A lite sanding with also helps extend the tips life. The drawing shows three different tips. 40amp, 20-30amp and 20-40amp. I have only seen one size for sale. I purchased some tips(close out)from HF, the hole size in the tips is larger than the ones that came with the welder. I did not see any difference in the cutting from one tip to the next.

05-26-2009, 12:39 AM
Thanks Keith and jbman45. Didn't know you had already posted Keith, sorry. Thanks for the info and tips jb.

I keep finding interesting little tidbits regarding the two or possibly three different tips for the S45 series of torch. I noticed that on one site there is reference to the longer (larger?) tip being able to reach further into an opening as you mention jbman45, but there are also some online references to the range of suggested amps for the different tips with one being 20 - 30 amps while another is 20 - 40 amps, and the third is simply 40 amps.

Here on the forum there seems to be reference to "large" and "small" tips (and their associated electrodes) or is the large and small in reference to the number of tips and electrodes bundled together as a package? I would suggest that the tip reference is more of a "short" to "extra long" comparison rather than large or small.

The illustration in Keith's chart shows three distinct tips:

PD0102-10 40 amps shortest - standard with LS200P
PD0116-08 20-30 amps midlength (sometimes referred to as "large"
PD0103-09 20-40 amps longest tip

Since I am (still) working to cut thin stainless (20 ga) as cleanly as possible, it would seem that the PD0103-08 or PD0116-08 tip, and a low amp setting, would cause less problems than a tip such as the PD0102-10 set at a higher amp. I suppose this comes back to the question of high amps at a faster Inches Per Minute (ipm) might cause less distortion and discoloring than a low amps at a slower ipm since the faster ipm might put less heat into the surrounding metal.

I'm still experimenting with combinations of ipm, air pressure, and amps, although I only have the PD0102-10 - 40 amps tip at the moment. The only clean edge cuts I've gotten are with a right angle grinder and a diamond wheel . . . no discoloration and no slag on the backside of the cut. So far I've only needed straight cuts for the stainless cabinets I'm fabricating.

HerbD 8)

05-26-2009, 01:57 AM
I don't want to send you on a scavenger hunt or wild goose chase....but if you want to check this out and let us know it would help us all on availability of unusual parts for the torch.....

I saw somewhere that the company Fastenal (sp?) which I have seen in many areas, is a distributor for Trafimet. They may not carry some or all parts but they have catalogs that you can order from with just a day or two shipment. Not sure but would guess pricing would be higher than online but for special applications like you are talking about it might be worth it. Let us know if you find this is a good lead!

05-26-2009, 07:57 AM
Thanks jbman45 :-)

I'll start tracking down your suggestion on Fastenal and let everyone know what is out there regarding the other plasma cutter tips. As I look at more sites it is apparent that the Trafinet torch is really pretty widely supplied with a number of different machines.

For most cutting the 40 amp tip is all that is needed, but it is good to know the torch is capable of meeting more specialized needs.

HerbD 8-)