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Pilot Arc Questions

05-12-2009, 11:09 PM
Hi All,

I'm a new owner of a LS-200P with the new Pilot Arc torch. I have never used a plasma cutter before, so the only thing I can compare it to is a cutting torch and this thing is a cutting torch on steroids. I fired it up and I'm amazed with what it will do.

Here are my questions for those that have more time on the pilot arc or any plasma cutter.

1. The pilot arc seems to spark to start and then it will only continue to run if it is within close distance to the grounded part. Is this the way it should work? I guess I was expecting that it would just be like a cutting torch and keep blowing out the fire due to the pilot arc inside the torch.

2. Are air pressure and current setting related? Such as higher current needs higher pressure?

3. I sense that high and low air pressures make it hard to maintain the arc. Is this a normal for there to be a narrow band of pressure that is functional ?

4. I think this is an S45 type pilot arc torch. I'm glad that Longevity has consumables, however, like all tools you never know when you will need more. Can I buy consumables for this at my local welding supply, is it some form of standard consumable that I can ask for? I know that many of the other non-pilot plasmas and the tig consumables are often found at the local welding stores.