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  1. Happy Birthday KHK from LONGEVITY!!!
  2. Finally
  3. Spot welding aluminum
  4. Knees wearing out? Maybe someday Gadget will be able to help ....
  5. Now this is funny!!
  6. OK, this is creepy
  7. made a nice score today
  8. Toms pavillion BAR
  9. happy bday matth99
  10. Yes, Steve. As a matter of fact, I have been running jet rods.
  11. Coolest thing i bought lately
  12. Omg $6.00 lb
  13. Prayers go out to everyone in Conneticut
  14. 6 grand in materials to 100 grand value
  15. Merry Christmas Folks.
  16. Happy New Year from the East Coast..
  17. Love the rain!
  18. Crickets are at it again...
  19. As much as I hate to....
  20. Got a new one for you guys,
  21. Welding
  22. San Francisco 49ers vs Greenbay Packers Game
  23. Snow Bound
  24. Nathan S. , Your Jeep p/u
  25. I guess I am getting a new toy/tool ???
  26. San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Seismic Retrofit Eastern Span Self Anchored Suspensi
  27. where do i buy a carbon arc torch for use with a stick arc machine?
  28. Way off topic but....
  29. I've been checking in, havent posted much..
  30. I could use your votes = new helmet contest
  31. Testing mobile uploads
  32. Boston City Marathon
  33. For those concerned I'm safe and at home
  34. Happy Birthday from LONGEVITY Fish4fun!!
  35. looks as though I will not be doing any welding soon
  36. Lathe change gear
  37. kickin back - and practicing
  38. New lathe tool post.
  39. Race day today
  40. trying to come up with a name.
  41. Off topic but new toys are still good
  42. Veteran's marker
  43. test
  44. Testing Image Uploading
  45. Off topic shooting post.
  46. Going to be on LIVE tv tonight!
  47. test post
  48. amps
  49. Tarp clip
  50. Happy Birthday from LONGEVITY!!!
  51. Artist of the Year?!?!?!
  52. Today's marathon results
  53. Thanks Gadget and Cope
  54. 3D printing
  55. Contest deadline is getting close.
  56. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  57. New wire stripper
  58. Happy Birthday BMor from LONGEVITY!!!
  59. Merry Christmas everybody.
  60. Happy Birthday from LONGEVITY!!!
  61. Happy Birthday BradBlazer from LONGEVITY!!!
  62. WECFD, Happy Birthday from LONGEVITY!!!
  63. hip repacement.
  64. Odleo, Happy Birthday from LONGEVITY!!!
  65. nothing steel or aluminum just what I did after back & neck surgery
  66. Tjjole happy Birthday from LONGEVITY!!!
  67. JJW, Happy Birthday from LONGEVITY!!!
  68. Bdub, Happy Birthday from LONGEVITY!!!
  69. Lucky13, Happy Birthday from LONGEVITY!!!
  70. MoPed build
  71. Happy Birthday Strube1396 from LONGEVITY!!!
  72. Marathon results
  73. TSO = Awesome!
  74. Happy Birthday Backhoe from LONGEVITY!!!
  75. Have we been hacked?
  76. Holiday wishes
  77. Santa's Bike
  78. It's cold!
  79. Drafting work station
  80. Congratulations Simon!!! New Baby to the family!!!
  81. Signature not working?
  82. testing my signature and avatar
  83. Test post
  84. Big Cash Welding Contest winner???
  85. Take a peek!
  86. Where do I get experience
  87. migweld 200s gun question
  88. Dock equipment for printing company
  89. Replacing old aluminium wirings
  90. Need an advise
  91. To choose loading dock
  92. Contractor Tips For Advertising
  93. Tonneau Cover for Pickup Truck
  94. Got Welding Fever
  95. Using what you have to cut angle iron
  96. LIFT TIG with Stick Weld 140?
  97. Portable table lifts in Ontario
  98. Safety Shoes for industrial use
  99. Building a disaster shelter
  100. Mig 135 w/t spool gun on alumimum
  101. Having trouble wire feeding