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  1. More calculators than you know what to do with...
  2. conversions
  3. Tig torch stand layout
  4. Tube coping calculator
  5. calculating Cylinder force at an angles and such
  6. 45 bevel calulation for milling machine
  7. Here's a bit of Hydraulic info.
  8. Standard keyway depths
  9. Alibre CAD
  10. Laying out lines for plasma cutting
  11. Choosing Tubing Size
  12. Generating an offset pattern using 3-D
  13. Free CAD software for personal use
  14. Welding blueprint symbols originally posted by SicFabrications
  15. Angle calculator
  16. Converter program I use.
  17. E-MachineShop
  18. Anybody used the Google Sketch Up Program??
  19. Pipe Layout Tools.....The Good the Bad the Ugly
  20. Just wanted to share some Android apps I use all the time
  21. Cut Charts
  22. Drawing involute gear using Google Sketchup.
  23. Ordered bobcad-cam